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Theatre Maker

I began writing for theatre in 2018 and have now expanded into writing for screen, immersive theatre and poetry. My writing focuses on growing up in the West Country, comedy, and the joy and simplicity of everyday life. Currently, I have a TV pilot based on alternative realities in development, as well as a one-woman show that delves into the dark yet comical side of crowd funders. I am a skilled and experienced deviser, and played a key role in the devising of 'Lost In London' and 'Speed Dial' for Spies Like Us. I also aided in crucial character and world development for Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, leading to a keen interest in immersive theatre and the development of my own immersive piece, 111 Dates and An Apocalypse. I am particularly interested in creating connections and developing my practice with other theatre makers from the West Country.

Dear Peter Poster

Dear Peter
Written and performed by Evangeline Dickson

Directed by Kayla Feldman

My debut play 'Dear Peter' was premiered at the Tristan Bate’s Theatre as a work-in-progress performance for annual fringe festival Maiden Speech in November 2019. It was revived in August 2020 where Iris Theatre co-produced it as part of their outdoor Summer Festival at The Actor’s Church, Covent Garden. It was then streamed online in January 2021 after receiving multiple 4-star reviews for writing and performance, and went on to be named one of A Younger Theatre’s top shows of 2020.


111 Dates and An Apocalypse
Written by Evangeline Dickson and Dylan Wynford

Directed by Emily Aboud

In 2021, I began collaborating with composer Dylan Wynford to create 111 Dates and An Apocalypse. It explores themes of reconnection in an isolated world, community, and friendship through a genre-bending immersive structure. The piece has been supported by Iris Theatre, and an R&D was carried out alongside immersive theatre heavyweight Megan Stewart and a cast of 8 actors in August 2021, with space provided by London Performance Studios 'Seeding Space' commission. The piece is currently in development, looking toward further R&D.

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